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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Need to Save Marriage From Divorce?

Can Free Marriage Advice Online Really Help Us Get The Passion Back In Our Marriage? by Larry Bilotta

It would be a different world if man and woman put romance at the top of their priority list, wouldn’t it?  Very different and …well…unrealistic.
Unrealistic is the word most people use when they don't want to do something they’re uncomfortable with.

Let's take a look at what people mean when they say it's unrealistic in marriage to be romantic all the time.  Where’d they get this idea?  From everyone else, that's where.  A majority of married couples have come to believe that marriage means boring.  They have come to believe it means routine, work, obligation, pressure, not doing what you really want to do and a ton of other destructive ideas.
Well then let me ask you this…was dating the man or woman you were falling in love with boring?  Of course not!  But WHY is the real question here.
You say it's because the two of you were in love.  Most people don’t know this, but it has been scientifically proven that love starts a chemical reaction in the brain that last only a limited time, and then you must keep that love going with ideas on how to be romantic.  
So WHY does the romance stop? It’s simple. Couples don't feel it, so they don't do it.  I believe the problem is that you just don't know what to do to be romantic.  You don't have enough ideas or how to’s or even what romance looks like when you’re married.
Let me introduce you to a man who can help you come up with more ideas on how to be romantic than you could use in a lifetime of marriage.  This man has made it his life mission to teach married couples how live a romantic life with each other.  His name is Michel Webb.
Michael and his wife Athena say they haven't had a single fight in their 18 year marriage. Sounds hard to believe, I know, but maybe romance is one of the keys to a happy marriage after all.
When it comes to romance, Michael's Webb is the “go-to guy” on how to keep love and passion in your relationship. His web sites have over 20 million visitors a year and as you might expect, he's been on Oprah and over 500 radio and television shows.
Michael Webb is the heavy hitter in the world of tips and how to’s for creating and reviving romance.  I think the reason he’s the romantic expert lies in the family where he grew up with his six sisters.
His mother went through two unsuccessful marriages because Michael says he saw his sisters abused by what he called "various men in their lives."  It was during his teen years that his mother took an opportunity to give him an insight into the real need of his sisters and his mother's own failed marriages.  Her explanation to young Michael was that his sisters were not expecting to be treated as queens, and yet, they wanted two things from the man in their life.  1) to be told often they are loved and 2) to be shown often they are special.  That made an impact and eventually he would become the man that would help every woman get what his mother and sisters never had.
Michael has created many kinds of games that put both fun and romance into your marriage.  He teaches how to write love letters, have creative dates, use humor, music and even food to express feelings.  It's the sheer volume of ideas that makes him predominant expert on romance.
Michel has even found a company that creates personalized romance novels just for the two of you.  You create your own romance novel just by entering personal details such as your names, eye color, and favorite things along with your own paperback romance novel theme.  And in the mail comes two paperback books that have the two of you as the main characters.
Putting romance into your marriage will need to start slow if you've never been the romantic type or you can’t remember how the two of you got started in the first place.  This is especially true for men who are typically not known for it, yet the vast majority of women do have this need.  It's something men should know because it's something they already believe.  That belief is: What goes around comes around.  That is, what you send out, comes back to you.  If a man learns how to be romantic, the things he loves most will come back to him.

I’ve devoted a page on my site to Michael Webb’s teachings and 5 of his most popular books that you can find at http://www,
They say marriage is boring and a chore, but who are THEY anyway? And why would you listen to an expert that doesn’t exist?  I'd much rather listen to an expert who knows the secret to bringing romance back into your marriage.

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